TurboPAX LogoPAX East 2016: TurboPAX

I’m the CEO of TurboPAX, and we will be going on this wild ride of PAX finances together! At this upcoming PAX East, we will be rolling out an entirely new service to our customers, the mobile TurboPAX experience! This isn’t, as you might expect, some new app or website. Who wants another one of those to deal with in their lives? No, we are bringing the entire TurboPAX experience of filing for your PAX Return directly to the customers. Our TurboPAX algorithms will be able to process their information instantaneously, informing us of their PAX Return status. We will then give them any swag they have been qualified for, and be on our way to help another customer.

Unfortunately, some people will not qualify for any swag during the PAX Return process. They may even be summoned to PAX Court if their status needs further review!