PAX South 2016: PAX on Demand

Hey there! I’m Lindy Johnson, CEO of Frelltech, but you already knew that. We’re here today because I’m excited to share our roll-out plans for our newest venture, PAX on Demand! Now that our internal alpha-testing period is over, we are ready to beta-test PAX on Demand with the public.

The beta-test customer engagement team will be conducting a series of limited scope implementations of PAX on Demand at PAX South 2016. Likely scenarios include: potential customers being given a list of options of how they would like to receive PAX on Demand, PAX on Demand being thrust upon potential customers, and data collection studies to determine how potential customers would prefer to experience PAX on Demand in their own homes.

PAX on Demand! We bring PAX to YOU!

Our world famous Superbowl commercial!