PAX East 2014: Team O.S.P.R.E.Y.

Because you can’t spell O.S.P.R.E.Y. without S.P.Y.

Welcome to the team, rookie. Your application has been accepted, your paperwork filed, and your beneficiaries prioritized. You are now a member of the Organization for Secrecy, Protection, Recon, Espionage, and Yachting!, or O.S.P.R.E.Y., the premier Black-Ops organization servicing Northeastern American video game conventions. Your duty as a member of Team O.S.P.R.E.Y. is to infiltrate and work within the many organizations behind gaming conventions across the continent. What are we doing at PAX East 2014? Well, that’s simple; we’re here to flush out and expose the mole within PAX. We will provide you with the most state of the art technology we can fit within our budget, and training second to at least one other organization within Suffolk county.