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PAX Prime 2013: Mustache News Network

BREAKING: Mustache News will be covering PAX Prime 2013! Stay tuned to our website for updates on all the latest goings on at PAX. Expect coverage on Mass Effect 7, Fallout 6 and the much anticipated Firefall 2!

Reporters from Mustache News will be bringing the most up to date news on the hottest games and trends in the industry to the masses. New releases such as Fallout 6, Super Princess Toadstool, Call of Duty: The Bronze Age, Cards against Humanity: the MMO, Arkham Horror: Care Bear edition, Warhammer 0k, and many more will all be getting exclusive breaking coverage. Mustache News will also conduct interviews with attendees of PAX Prime 2013, getting the pulse of the people! Mustache News! Sponsored by: 24 Hour Energy.