It’s been awhile since this feed got updated, but we’ve still been busy pranking! The pranks section has been updated with the media from our latest few pranks, and there will be more to come with each of them as we process photos and videos from the shows.

East 2014 saw us do a combination take on Archer and S.H.I.E.L.D. with our own Organization for Secrecy, Protection, Reconnaissance, Espionage, and Yachting (O.S.P.R.E.Y. for short). We conducted secret missions at PAX and kept certain undesirables under surveillance throughout the show. Some of you may remember that O.S.P.R.E.Y. was the arch nemesis organization of Salmon Security! Which are the good guys? Are there any good guys? You decide!

Prime 2014 was a wild untamed show until we showed up. The PAX Cops arrived to keep order and uphold PAX Law! We caught nefarious criminals and handed out way past our quota in citations for many misdeeds during PAX. One particularly lawbreaking individual racked up 12 citations! Hopefully they can be paid, or else that individual might have to go before the PAX Court!

There was a new PAX right at the start of 2015! PAX South! San Antonio! January! Being that this was a brand new PAX, we figured they needed some help getting set up. We enlisted the PAX Construction crew to make sure PAX South was built to specification before PAX began. We may have been a tad behind schedule, but by the time PAX South ended, it was up to code!

East 2015 was a mere 6 weeks after the inaugural PAX South! What would we do? Well a huge production of course! PAX Tours led real tours of PAX through the BCEC multiple times per day! Do you know all the secrets and hidden underground dealings of PAX? If you took the PAX History tour, you do! And we can’t possibly forget about the evening Ghost Tour of PAX, informing the masses of the haunted spirits that remain in the BCEC to this day.

Prime 2015 is coming up! What will we have in store? Only time will tell!

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